Recycle and Reuse Over the Holidays

Keeping waste to the bare minimum is a must. The worlds at breaking point and there needs to be something done to help reduce and stop waste before it overtakes the world. However, during the holidays these are the times when waste is at the highest level. There are hundreds of things going to waste from wasted gifts to over-packaged goods but there are some simple ways to reduce this waste. So, how can you recycle and reuse during the holidays?

Use Fiber Optic Trees and Keep the Tinsel and Baubles

Why buy an all-natural tree that is only going to be thrown away at the end of the month? That’s a real waste of money and it’s a big impact on the environment also so why not opt for a fiber optic tree? These types of trees have the ability to be used and reused time and time again; even if the lights don’t work you can always decorate with tinsel and baubles. You can reuse these over and over again and that helps cut down waste and reuse things over again.

Recycle All Wrapping Paper and Reuse Old Gift Bags

When you unwrap a gift there is a tone of wrapping paper left over and if it’s ripped and unusable it’s time to get the recycle bin out and recycle it. This is an excellent way to recycle the paper and keep wastage down greatly also. What is more, if you have a gift bag left over you could use actually reuse it to house a gift or even reuse it for the next holidays. There are lots of ways to reuse paper and indeed gift bags.

Reuse Wrapping Paper and Get Presents You Know Someone Will Use

If you are extra careful at unwrapping your gifts then you may be able to reuse the paper next year or for another occasion. This is a perfect way to help reduce waste and indeed recycle the wrapping paper. You can actually re-wrap a dozen gifts if you are careful enough and should be able to reuse time and time again. However, you should maybe also consider buying a gift that is suitable for someone. If you believe someone will prefer a present that’s for the bath, you could buy bubble bath and bath gift sets. It’s a simpler way to keep waste down.

Why Not Recycle An Old Gift Or Make One From Home?

Recycling old gifts isn’t such a bad thing, especially if you have a lot of unused gifts at home. Why throw them away when you could reuse them? If you think a gift can be given to someone who would use or appreciate it, why not give it to them? This not only helps cut down on the amount of waste but also help to save you money also. It’s a perfect way to recycle gifts and reuse them over the holiday period. What is more, you can do this for birthdays, anniversaries and indeed Christmas. If you wanted to, you could make one from home and that’ll also save money and waste.

Recycle and Reuse This Holiday Period

Recycling is not as hard as you might think and there are lots of ways to recycle also. More and more people today are using minimal packaging and that helps cut down on the waste. What is more, there are lots of things that can be reused too; from last year’s gifts to homemade ones, there are many ways to recycle. Why not recycle and reuse this holiday period? It will make a great difference and you won’t regret it. read more from